A Cold Love Story.

Visual Novel Guide

Note: I will eventually create a full on guide describing how each choice effects the story, as well as pointing out a couple of hidden references. For now, here is a list of choices.

This is the list of decisions for the fastest route possible to reaching the good end. Keep in mind that diverting off this path with some choices may lead to death or prevent you from achieving the good end, while doing so with other choices may not matter at all. If you wish to discover the good end yourself, I advise against reading further.

Wave awkwardly and say hello

(Offer your coat)

(Just smile and nod)

Demand that she stop

Just remain calm

Ignore the substance and agree

Look at the message

Truth: It’s Max. Read the message

Truth: Confront her about what Max said

Max is probably just playing a joke, lying about the school day

Stop her

Apologize for acting suspicious (This is crucial!)

Read the backstory, this unlocks the route for more backstory, which is vital when attempting to reach the good end.


Ignore it

Check your room again

Go back to the living room

Ignore it: Offer hot chocolate (Important)

Oh... alright, thanks

Drink some (This again will unlock another piece of backstory, which is essential to unlocking the good end.)

Read the backstory once again.

Watch TV

Use your landline to call his house directly

Check the news

The next three choices don’t make any with the order you choose them in.

Turn back

Go inside

If you followed the listed choices correctly, you should have unlocked a third option when inside your room that is labeled >>Final Backstory<< choose this, and read the backstory.

After this you be will presented with two choices, to turn her in, or to tell her you aren’t going to leave her. While turning her into the authorities will not get you killed, you will be greeted with a bad end screen. However, choosing to not leave her will grant you the sight of the ‘Good End” screen. Keep in mind you will have to wait for the credits to finish to view both endings.