• AvatarMars

    For some reason i'm having trouble editing the external links box on the home page can someone please tell me how to access it so that I can add a link to his deviantart please.

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  • Every name related to sstwl is taken

    Hello to everyone who's been contributing to this wiki so far. My cousin and I started this wiki a while back and had intended to fill it out with all of Liam's work, but quickly dropped the ball and I'm sorry for that. I would simply like to say thank you for contributing while we were busy being lazy and that I intend to pick up where I left off. To answer the previous blog post, If there's I don't actually know much about how wikia works but if there is a way to do that I'm for it.

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  • Antares11111

    Wiki Rename

    September 9, 2018 by Antares11111

    Could we get this wiki renamed to sstwl.wikia rather than sstwl-scary-story-time-with-liam.wikia? sstwl.wikia is unused and much shorter.

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