John Matthews has been sending anonymous death threats to a man who has been harassing both his mother and his sister named Marcus. His intent is that fear of the serial killer currently lurking in town will convince him to crack under pressure and run away. Against the counsel of his friends, John decides to deliver one last letter to the man's house. Upon arrival though he sees a mysterious figure wrapped in a yellow rain coat is already waiting at the door. to avoid confrontation John hides and watches as the figure quietly speaks to Marcus and affectionately leads him away from the residence. Curious, John tails them. after a short while though, Marcus begins to resist being led along and starts coughing. In anger the figure raises it voice. John first hears the voice of his mother, then his sister and is forced to witness the third death at at the hands of the killer as it slits Marcus's throat in anger, causing a combination of blood and a foul smelling black substance to pour from the hole. The figure then looks to John though he is unsure if it can actually see him. As the sound of approaching police officers grows louder, the figure runs off into the night, and realizing the gravity of the situation John does likewise. When he gets home John briefly encounters his sister Lily, and lies about his where he's been. He tells her that he had heard over the radio about Marcus's body being discovered and goes to sleep. The next day at school John and Lily are called home to find that their house has seemingly been ransacked and their mother is in the hospital. The police are unsure as to who attacked her or why, and the only testimony they could get from her was that she had heard the voice of John's friend Sarah at the other side of the door. After visiting her, John notices his mother begin to cough up the same black substance that Marcus had before he died. John tells Lily to stay at a friend's house while he figures out what they should do next. John spends the day trying to make sense of recent events and concludes that the figure from the other night must have in fact seen him and decides to visit his mother once again to try and get more information. The receptionist tells him that his sister already tried to visit but had to be turned away. In a panic John hurries to his mother's room and finds the figure standing in the unlit room and for the first time John gets a proper look at its face. The figure was in fact a thin looking girl wrapped in an old yellow rain coat. Disturbingly though, the most defining feature she possesses is heterochromia; one eye being yellow and the other blue.