Left Hand Design

Design is a horror mystery story that follows "Left Hands", parasites which assume control of the host's body and use it's brain as a power source for their psychic abilities. John Matthews and the Left Hand, Kali Aimes, team up to survive in this crazy world.



Contrary to popular belief, Design was not inspired off of the anime Elfen Lied. Instead, Liam liked the Spider Man character Doctor Octopus, remembering this, he decided to re-watch the movie. Later, while listening to an EDM song, this picture was in the background. This picture made him think about a girl with chain tentacles that could be moved around similar to Doc Ock. At the time, he was writing a story about John and Sarah breaking into a ghost town. But feeling inspired, he wrote a scene where a chain girl started murdering people.




Season 1

Season 2

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