Kali Aimes, also known as Subject-12, is one of the protagonists from Design and is a contestant in PuppetGAME.


Kali is of average height with long black hair and ghastly pale skin typical of Left Hands. Her most distinguishing feature is the extremely long steel chains that extend from her back, which are used as weapons to kill people and other Left Hands with relative ease. When not in use the chains are retracted in herself, and they can be seen moving under the skin. In PuppetGAME she has the distinctive Ponder puppet on her right hand.


Kali is a Left Hand, which is a parasite that controls a human host and gives them telekinetic abilities known as matter distortion. In Kali's case these distortions are used to control long chains as weapons.

She was captured by the Facility after her parasite "awoke" and led to the slaughter of her entire 8th grade class except for John Matthews, Mark, and Julie Rowe. After her capture she was forcibly made into a weapon meant to kill other Left Hands. As a result of an experiment of her capacity to deflect bullets she lost all of her memories prior to the incident, but it is shown that she still retains some subconscious knowledge.

Design Kali

In Design, Kali is shown as being very bipolar, in which she swings from being more human and emotional to being bloodthirsty and coldly efficient.

During her escape and subsequent trip to John's house she became close friends with him. At his house she killed John's dad, who was the researcher in charge of her.

Design Kali died when she and John fought the facility militia, Subject 104, and Julie Rowe outside of the hospital in season 3, episode 1. Subject 104 Killed her by doing a bloody explosion that made her physically gone, blood sprayed in unreal amounts and directions.

Later on in season 3 during the Homebound Arc it is revealed that Kali is still alive in that timeline, and extremely dangerous, much more so than she was in her previous incarnation.

PuppetGAME Kali

In PuppetGAME Kali is shown to be almost completely emotionless, much unlike her Facility Arc counterpart. Although we do see that after she is drunk she warms up to John a bit more, most likely because that the alcohol is not good for the parasite. Kali was maimed by Cold on a freighter during the last 10 minutes of the mission, when Ponder allowed for player killing


  • There are at least 3 Kalis out there; Design Kali, PuppetGAME Kali, and Design Homebound Arc Kali.