Malie is one of the characters in PuppetGAME.


Not a lot is stated about her but she originally hailed from the Philippines before somehow becoming a poltergeist that can only interact via computer coding before she was forcibly placed in PuppetGAME by some unknown means. She had already been a contestant prior to John Matthews taking Julie Rowe's place. She was a relatively studious person when she was alive as shown in PuppetGAME and she did not have a lot of friends either.


She is a hesitant poltergeist who is rather socially awkward as seen in PuppetGAME. She also is easily scared and gullible as seen when Door Guy joked about cheating. She is also shown to be dubious of herself and other's abilities even when they already have shown remarkable qualities.



Malie can control nearly anything digital with absolute control even bypassing any security and overriding other input.


She is unable to be changed or modified even by someone like Ponder.

Eternal life

Being a poltergeist she can live forever without aging.


  • Ponder seems to be unable to properly bind her like the other contestants.
  • She has poor coordination.
  • She was responsible for the death of 2 contestants, the first one was Julie Rowe and the second one was AVA.
  • She is the third character to die on screen.
  • Ponder suggests that she had already been in one of the puppets before due to her being a poltergeist.
  • In the track, Residual Code, it's hinted that Malie is still alive.
  • Her full name according to PuppetGAME, is Malie Lau.