Mari is a character that appears in season 3 of Design.


Mari claims to be the God of the universe that Design takes place in. She also claims to have spent thousands of years, if not millions searching for the proper timeline. Her exact reasons for this timeline are not explicitly clear other than to fix a 'glitch'.


Matter distortion

Mari can, like all other Left hands, distort matter. However her full abilities are never revealed.


She is presumed to have regenerative abilities much like other Left hands. She can also instantly transport matter from other dimensions (or some form of transdimensional storage) to repair her body.

Timeline jumping

Mari has said that she can move in between the different timelines, but she also has no memory of doing so.


  • Mari's eye's have been said to be silver, however information is not consistent.
  • She has shown to be capable of matter distortion that outclasses even a daughter.
  • Her body is said to be constructed from nothing and without any outside help, which is why she is mute and has a blood halo. Her wings are not brought up except for one occasion.
  • She does not seem to remember anything each time the universe is 'reset'. She does however seem to be able to bring objects with her, although she does not know how to control this.