Ponder is the main antagonist of PuppetGAME.


Ponder is a mysterious being that threatens other characters with destruction of their home dimension should they fail to complete the objectives given to him. He arose in an unnamed dimension that attempted to replicate Mari's matter manipulation using computer code.


Ponder cares little for the billions of lives that he kills each time he destroys a dimension and shows sadistic traits. He cares little for the other contestants but if they break the rules he's set out he will not waste a moment punishing them. He also is rather cheery given that he destroys dimensions without a second thought.


Dimensional Slicing

The most shown power that Ponder has shown throughout the series whenever he sets the contestants loose in a dimension.

Matter Manipulation

He can easily control matter just as easily as Kali can, his manipulation however extends to entire planets and dimensions unlike Kali's who can only affect the local region around herself.


It is implied that Ponder possesses the ability to copy himself indefinitely with each clone being almost indestructible. Each and every Ponder clone looks exactly the same as one another.


  • Ponder was originally a simulation of Mari's matter manipulation before becoming self aware.
  • How he got the ability to destroy dimensions is unknown.
  • Ponder is part biological and part computer code.
  • His main aviator is the first thing he saw shortly after becoming self aware, a rabbit hand puppet.