Liam has more than a few quirks which would be helpful to understand before diving into his stories.

Character Reuse

Liam recycles names and character traits of the people in his stories, using them as templates. Keep in mind that even though he recycles the names and traits of his characters, technically they are separate people, for example John from Design and John from PuppetGAME could meet up with each other. Characters can also have the same name but have completely different personalities; see Cold/Sarah Duffy.

John Matthews

John Matthews is the main character in most of Liam's stories, retaining mostly the same personality with some minor variations between stories. This is explained better on his page.


Liam has said to be inspired off of the anime Mirai Nikki.


  • Liam has referenced an anime called Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni in a few of his stories. Examples include one of his stories being titled "The Hinamizawa Child Experiment" and Lilly Matthews from Yellow Halogen's cleaver.