Sketch is a mimic and implied to be the longest running member of the games current group of participants.


As a mimic Sketch is assumed to have spent most of her life in hiding and on the fringes of society. She is confirmed to have had living parents, but did not have much of a relationship with them. In her debut story of Mistrust Game, she is shown working with another mimic, possibly Ava, to hunt and torture humans. She loved being a contestant of PuppetGAME as it was the only scenario she had seen where she could be herself and not be hated.


Sketch enjoys using her ability as a mimic to confuse, trick, and prank people. She has almost no morals and revels in murder. In addition she is fully devoted to her persona as a star of the game, and acts as if everything she does is part of a grand show. Yet, a large part of her actions is derived from what she has been encouraged to do.

Abilities and experience

Shape shifting

As a mimic Sketch can change her physical appearance and attributes to match any humanoid form she sees.

Physical resistance

As a mimic Sketch is able withstand and recover from most forms of bodily injury that would kill a human. However if she is decapitated or has her head destroyed, she will die instantly.


  • It was only after being added to PuppetGAME's cast that she received a properly established name, race, and character, having originally been a one off monster.
  • She is the first PuppetGAME character to be voted into elimination on screen.
  • Her home dimension of MG is an abbreviation and reference to her debut story.
  • She is the only participant shown to have official advertisement and merchandise.