Subject 0111, also known as Eyesa is the most recent adddition to the facility and is classified as a 0-class God-Bearer unit.


Due to her recent appearance, the facility does not actually have any of her data on file yet. Therefore none of her history is known; but it is likely safe to assume that her past is similarly tragic to that of other Left Hand hosts.



Eysa hasn't had much time to be introduced to us, so very little is known about her.

Eyesa has yet to have much interaction at all with another God-bearer so very little about her personality is known. What can be gathered based on her brief interaction with Subject-02 during their Chance, is that she is a calm and calculating individual, able to confidently face off against opponents with abilities similar to her own and readily improvise. Throughout their entire conflict she never lost her nerve and simply adjusted her calculations until she won.

She is strongly religious, wearing a cross around her neck and "praying" during her fight. After 02 is killed she prays over the body, seemingly to free her soul from the parasite.



Eyesa is seen to carry a variety of fire arms, ranging from two pistols to a full size rifle. She is shown to be proficient with all of them; quickly switching between them and making multiple shots with terrifying accuracy while both herself and her target are in motion.

She is one of the few people able to use guns effectively against other Left Hands, and doesn't require the obscene amounts of firepower normally needed. This is a skill she uses to great effect during her fight with Subject 02, since she doesn't expect guns to work and grew cocky.

It is currently unknown how she accomplishes this.


Through matter distortion, Eyesa is able to tear her own body apart at a nearly molecular level and then reassemble herself a short distance away. It is unknown how far she can travel this way nor is it known how difficult it is for her to accomplish.

Bullet redirection

As with all Left Hands, Eyesa can subconsciously redirect bullets.

Body transformation

In addition to her other abilities she has limited bodily transformation, in which she uses tendrils to help reposition herself during combat.


  • Eyesa refers to the parasites as unholy, and clearly understands what they are, but does not seem to acknowledge the fact that she is also a host.
  • After killing 02 she prays for her. This implies that regardless of her opinion on the parasites, she considers the hosts to be victims.