Subject 02 is a Zero Class God Bearer, presumably created by Cleo Dahmer.


Her history prior to institution within the facility is unknown, but like most people who become hosts for the the Left Hand Parasites, it probably isn't happy.


02 is arguably of one of the kinder and more sociable of the God Bearer units, but this in and of itself does not mean much. Upon meeting with John and accidentally injuring him through matter distortion, she expressed concern for his overall well-being, despite assuming he must also be a God Bearer, and was willing to answer his frenzied questions. She is also shown to have a short temper, such as the multiple times she expressed annoyance with John's Hero complex, and 08's forced cheeriness. She cynically, albeit genuinely believes that there is no hope to be had for anyone in the facility and despite Her distaste for it, is not above killing others.


Matter Distortion

As a Zero Class God Bearer unit, 02 is naturally among the most powerful of all the bioweapons in the Facility, with top tier potential in Matter Distortion.

Bullet Redirection

She is able to redirect the trajectory of bullets and other fast moving projectiles back to their source through matter distortion.


Through matter distortion, 02 is able to manipulate heat and heat transfer by causing molecules to vibrate. The result is spontaneous combustion. This means she is capable of generating fire from seemingly nothing. Anything she cannot burn, she can melt.

Fire tendrils

Using matter Distortion 02 is able to generate and maintain fire, even in thin air. One of her preferred applications, is the creation of tendril like appendages made of pure heat and flame. They are able to burn through most substances and melt any nearby metals. If she so chooses she can even use them to create and direct an explosion. The most she seems capable of managing at any one time appears to be 2.

Genius Level Intellect

She is educated in Science and Thermodynamics to the point that she understands her abilities as well as all of their applications.


  • Her name has been confirmed to be Lauren, after John forced Dahmer to start referring to the Godbearer Units by their real names.
  • O2 is the abbreviation for oxygen, a highly combustible whose presence is necessary for fire; Her Unit number is a pun on Oxygen.