Subject 52, also known as Alex, is one of the protagonists of Design season 3.


She is short, with long black hair that covers one of her eyes most of the time. Her skin is the pale color typical of Left Hands with gold eyes and wears a facility uniform that is too large for her


At the age of 13 Alex is one of the younger subjects in the facility, most likely awakening in the last year or so, and as such she’s confident in her abilities as a left hand and can be a bit sassy at times.

Like the other 5th class Left Hands, Alex specializes in rapid regeneration and bodily reconstruction in addition to the basic matter distortion and bullet redirection all left hands possess.

When engaging in combat Alex seems to alternate between two main configurations. The first configuration being, converting some of the bones in her hands to create a scythe like weapons. The second configuration involves reconstructing parts of her back and ribs to make several tendril like weapons that can be used to spear opponents from range, much like Kali’s chains. As now it’s currently unknown if reconstructing her body is painful or not.


  • She is a good chess player, as shown in episodes 10 and 11 of Design season 3
  • While it has never been confirmed, it’s often joked that 5th class Left Hands are based off of the Necromorphs from the Dead Space game series .